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At Mercury Legal Online, we will check against previous cases to determine roughly how much compensation you may be entitled to receive as a result of your claim with us.

Our quick and easy claims calculator will help you to discover how much compensation you should expect to claim for your individual injury. If you would like some assistance with using the calculator, or would like to know you can go about claiming for your injury, please call 0800 122 3130.

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To aid you in completing your claim value, please read the following definitions relating to the severity of your condition:


If your injury is not particularly serious or recovers within a few months.


If your injury is more serious, if it does not recover or if surgery fails to help it get any better.

Less Serious

Where you have a significant impairment with use of your hand that will not recover despite receiving treatment or surgery.


Where you have suffered to the extent that you now have less than 50% of the capacity than normal, if your grip has diminished and your lack of dexterity causes you real problems with day to day living.